Etizolam for Treating Anxiety Disorder

By ,  Etizolam (Etizola)

Etizolam, one of the most effective medicine to treat anxiety. It is an anti-anxiety medicine, belonging to a benzodiazepine class of medicines. Etizolam is used for treating Anxiety and Insomnia. In the case of Insomnia, Etizolam helps in the short-term management problems, such as inability to sleep, excess fatigue, irritation, and memory loss. However, Etizolam is largely and mainly used to manage anxiety disorders, with symptoms such as hyperactivity, agitation, sweating in the palms, panic attacks and similar signs of stress and anxiety. Etizolam directly works on the nervous system by suppressing the central nerves and proves effective by offering muscle relaxation, anti-convulsion, improving sleep, sedation and decreases the anti-anxiety symptoms. With benefits comes the risk. Etizolam is one of the most potent medications leading to abuse and addictions, and thus it is banned in many countries including the United States. It is legal in many countries including India and is available online and in the market with various names, such as - Depas, Pasaden, Etilaam, Etizest, Sedekopan, and Etizola. It is advised not to take this medication without a prescription.

Anxiety Disorder and Etizolam

Etizolam belongs to the benzodiazepine family and thus works in a similar fashion as the depressant medication, by targeting the neurotransmitter GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) in the brain. However, Etizolam works more selectively when compared to other members of the benzodiazepine medicines. Etizolam targets and binds to specific receptor sections in the brain, and thus effectively creates the anxiolytic and anti-anxiety impact in the patient. When the patient takes in the Etizolam medications, the depression and anxiety symptoms decrease, however, the drug leads to certain side effects. The biggest issues with taking Etizolam medicines are addiction and withdrawal effects.

Risk of using Etizolam

By using Etizolam, a patient may observe the following physical health risks:

  1. Long-term use of the drug leads to short-term memory loss, forgetfulness and too much of sleepiness.
  2. Etizolam can become addictive and habitual.
  3. Some time, Etizolam is crushed or melted and used as a tranquiliser, and injected to the patient. This can be very dangerous and fatal, as the chalk in the tablets can collapse the veins or the gels from the Etizolam capsules can solidify inside the blood vessels.  
  4. After long-term usage of the Etizolam drug, sudden stopping of the drug leads to severe withdrawal effects ranging from decrease in concentrations, nausea to panic attacks and fits.
  5. Etizolam is very powerful and when a patient takes a high dosage, the chances of the patient losing the coordination, senses is high. The patient may fall into deep sleep, or might hurt others accidently, and in extreme cases might suffer from breathing difficulties and the circumstance can become fatal.  


Etizolam, when taken as prescribed in correct dosage and process, is effective but is meant for short-term solution, and not proposed for a long-period of time. And remember, Etizolam is very addictive, stopping the drug could lead to severe withdrawal effects such as pounding headache, nausea, and confusion. Hence, it is important to consult with your doctor and take Etizolam. The right dosage, the duration of the whole process needs to be followed as instructed by the doctor for safe and effective usage.